Duotron Launcher

Number of Gear Teeth: 10
Number of Rotations (Dragon Winder):
Number of Rotations (Spring Winder): 5.5-5.75
Number of Rotations (Regular Winder):
Direction: Right

A Hasbro Exclusive Right-Spin shooter that can launch two Beyblades at once (though this is not legal in tournament play, naturally). While some have said the prongs are uneven strength wise, recent testing has shown this to not always be the case. The number of moving parts could have gear skipping which could be the source, but a good Duotron can be a boon for testing and is capable of launching two of the heaviest combinations at the same time with no issues. Interestingly, the mechanism inverts the ripcord similar to a Neo Reverse Shooter.

Aside from this, it can be used with only one Beyblade as a regular launcher in tournaments if one desires.

Overall, a good Duotron is a great addition to a Blader's collection. A gold version also exists for those who want more bling.