Upper Dragoon

Attack Ring: Upper Dragoon

Weight: 6.2g (Mold 1) | 6.0g (Mold 2)

    • Three-sided AR which overhangs the weight disk with long slopes leading down well below AR level.

    • Round perimeter interrupted by head details and spikes on the outside of each wing.

    • Gaps and spikes do interfere somewhat in LAD and create some recoil, but overall Upper Dragoon is a low-recoil part considering its offensive ability.

    • Long, more gradual Upper Attack slopes in Right Spin

    • Shorter, more abrupt Upper Attack slopes in Left Spin, which approach Upward Smash at times and may actually be more effective than the more gradual Right Spin slopes.

    • The most popular AR for Upper Attack and arguably the safest choice, however Triangle Wing has more Smash Attack power in either direction, and Triple Tiger and Upper Claw bring top-tier Smash Attack in Right Spin.

    • Upper Dragoon however excels in its low recoil and great lifting ability.

    • In particular, the more limited recoil and smoother design makes it the most common choice for Spin Stealing Attack, being a safer choice than other options with slightly more effective spin stealing than other options.

    • It is also traditionally the most popular pure Traditional Upper Attack AR, with great consistency and an almost purely Upper Attack style - this means more effective lifting but does leave it somewhat limited against Circle Survivor.

    • Also a competitive option for both Weight Based Defense and more balance-leaning Defensive Zombies, though the recoil can be an issue, meaning it is not unanimously accepted as superior to various alternatives (such as Smash Turtle for the former and Tiger Defenser for the latter).

Mold Difference:

  • There is a second mold, primarily used by Hasbro, which has reinforcements around the joints to the wings to reduce breakage. However, weight is reduced in other areas, so Mold 2 tends to be slightly lighter. There is no noticeable performance difference however.

Beyblades including this part


Mold 1

Mold 2