Zeo Base

Blade Base: Zeo Base

Weight: 8.0g

    • Built in Right SG (Four Layer System style)

    • Flat tip with beveled edges. Flat area diameter is about half way between SG Semi-Flat Base and SG Flat Base - a wide semi flat tip.

    • Behaviour between SG Flat Base and SG Semi-Flat Base, not quite as controllable as SG Semi-Flat Base but with more aggression, making it a rather nice tip to use.

    • Large exhaust pipe details extend from the sides, which have some recoil (though they're rarely hit), and cause some scraping issues, though these are very minor due to the angle between the base and the stadium floor.

    • Overall, it is generally the best of the Hidden Spirit Bases, but still outclassed by the likes of SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version) and rubber-tipped attack bases.

Beyblades including this part