Dranzer GT

  • AKA: Dranzer Gigs Turbo / Dranzer Gigus Turbo (Full Name)

Attack Ring: Triangle Wing

Weight: 6.1g

  • Strong Upper Attack in left and right spin making it a competitive Traditional Upper Attack part, with slopes of equal length and angle in both directions meaning performance is identical in either direction.

  • Has some Smash Attack from front of the slopes and the heads, more than Upper Dragoon, which can make it quite effective when you need a bit more oomph, but Triple Tiger and Upper Claw have significantly more Smash Attack in Right Spin. In left however, there is little with similar lifting power to Triangle Wing that also has more Smash Attack, with G Upper having much more smash but significantly shallower slopes.

  • More recoil prone than Upper Dragoon which would be a downside for Spin Stealing Upper Attack, however the additional Smash Attack can come in handy against some opponents, meaning it is just as viable a choice and a competitive part for this type.

  • Defensively it is outclassed by Upper Dragoon due to the wider spaces, under-wing gaps and overall more angular design which collectively result in more recoil. As such, Triangle Wing isn't competitive for defense or survival types.

  • Overall, a good Attack Ring, and a nice variation on the popular Upper Dragoon, but generally not quite as reliable aside from in Right Spin Traditional Upper Attack.

Weight Disk: Ten Balance

Weight: 15.0g

  • Decent weight, with a compact yet edge-focussed distribution which makes for good all-around performance.

  • Thanks to the additional weight, the weight distribution provides a good mix of RPM maintenance/grinding and overall survival ability.

  • Generally outclassed by Wide Defense unless a more compact weight distribution is required. This is most noticeable in Compacts and Semi-Flat Base Stamina, where the compact weight distribution helps their stability and grinding ability while providing a little extra survival over mode compact options. However for compacts, the greater weight of Ten Heavy is generally preferred.

  • Overall a good part.

  • SonoKong G-Blade Mold (as opposed to their earlier mold) is generally very similar to the regular mold, meaning it can be used interchangeably.

Weight: 6.7g

  • CEW-compatible Engine Gear with reverse gimmick: when activated the tip spins counter-clockwise instead of clockwise (with the Bey right-way up), which is intended to reverse the direction the Beyblade moves, and in tandem with a Final Clutch Base this is supposed to produce a counter-attack when hit. Doesn't work well, with activation causing an odd jerking, swinging movement at best with most lower-friction CEWs.

  • This gimmick means the EG is wound like a Left EG rather than a Right EG.

  • If activated at the start of the battle, the forces on the Beyblade and the CEW compete, making the Beyblade move much less than normal, though this is generally not useful as it harms stamina somewhat.

  • On Final Clutch Bases, collisions still happen early, and the resulting effect is that when hit, the Beyblade stops moving around the stadium as much. This isn't a bad property but the Engine Gear system lacks the parts to utilise it.

  • Using Metal Grip for the CEW prevents the EG from working til late in the game when the Beyblade's spin is lower no matter what clutch is used. The grip means part of the energy goes into spinning the top part of the Beyblade is clockwise, which adds some additional spin which can help right the Beyblade a little when it topples. However, this still doesn't work well in battle, though the setup can be used to make an odd grip-based defense combo, the result is still gimmicky rather than useful.

  • Overall useless, but can be fun to play around with if you have the parts to do so.

Weight: 7.6g

  • Three flat-edged, rounded protrusions, which give the uncustomized Beyblade a kind of mode change - it can cover the gaps of the AR or leave them open, making an Attack or Survival/Defense mode of sorts, though this is not terribly useful or effective.

  • Final Clutch causes late-game instability which damages survival, activating too late to be useful for Attack types having already lost rpm and causing destabilisation in defense and stamina types.

  • Final Clutch does occasionally cause a late battle offensive push with flat tips, but generally the Beyblade is too low on rotational energy at this point to do anything of note, and with ARs that might help this such as Square Edge not being effective on such tall setups, this is generally ineffectual.

  • Nonetheless, this does make them more effective than First Clutch Bases. However, Normal Bases tend to be better simply for being less bulky, even though they generally don't make use of the Engine Gear mechanic.

  • Works to some degree for Circle Survivor Defense (requiring Right Engine Gear (Circle Defenser) to fit) due to adding addition weight compared to the usual Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) and Normal Base (Rock Bison Version). However, the protrusions make the combination much more vulnerable to taller opponents that can hit them. Compounding this, Final Clutch Base (Desert Sphinxer Version) comes in at only .2g less and does not have the protrusions.

  • Overall stylish but not terribly useful.

Customize Engine Weight: Metal Semi-Flat

Weight: 3.6g

    • Slightly more of a Semi-Flat tip than the Engine Gear tip it is based on, as it actually has bevelled edges

    • Too aggressive for survival customs and not able to take hits well enough for defensive ones.

    • The fact Engine Gears are so tall, combined with the poor grip and limited speed and aggression of the tip limits usefulness for Attack type customisations.

    • Overall, not a useful part.


  • Between the price and wide availability of parts that serve the same ends at least as well as its own, Dranzer GT is not a priority for competitive bladers, though the Engine Gear is fun to play around with if you have a few different CEW's to experiment on (particularly Metal Grip) and the Attack Ring is a nice part to have. Were it cheaper, it would be a good purchase and if you do see one cheaply, it is definitely not something to miss.