Dragoon V

  • AKA: Dragoon Victory (Full Name), Dragon V (SonoKong)

Attack Ring: Eight Attacker

Weight: 4.1g

    • High recoil in Left Spin due to mostly flat contact points.

    • Rotational recoil limits power and the unfocused contact points exacerbate this.

    • Even once recoil is controlled, it is not terribly effective, with the unfocussed contact points and limited range resulting in a lack of power behind hits.

    • No use in Right Spin due to recoil and lack of effective contact points.

    • Outclassed by even Reverse Dragon.

    • Not a useful part.

Weight Disk: Ten Wide

Weight: 14.0g (Takara/Hasbro) | 14.3g (SonoKong G-Blade)

  • Moderately light weight

  • Outward weight distribution, though less so than Wide Defense and Wide Survivor.

  • Recoil means it is far less effective for spin stealing and survival than those weight disks

  • Still has plenty of use for Smash Attack, particularly with Attack Rings which are obstructed by Wide Defense.

  • Can still be used for spin stealing to decent effect with parts that compensate through LAD (Spiral Change Base/Full Auto Clutch Base etc) or by providing a buffer (Dragon Saucer SAR), but is still outclassed.

  • A number of SonoKong Ten Wide WD's from their G-Blade series have been recorded as being slightly above the average weight of Wide Defense, see the Ten Wide page for details.

Spin Gear: Neo Left Spin Gear (Metal Weight Version)

Spin Gear Shells: Neo Left Spin Gear Shells

Weight: 1.2g ea (total 2.4g)

  • Generally preferred to regular Left Spin Gear Shells due to being compatible with all SG-Compatible bases, in particular for being compatible with Neo SG Cores and the Heavy Metal Core as well as being required to use Double Bearing Core in a left-spin Zombie or Defensive Zombie combination.

  • As such, generally entirely outclass their regular counterparts and are a crucial competitive part.

Spin Gear Core: Metal Weight Core

Weight: 2.5g

  • Only compatible with Neo Shells.

  • Has a cylindrical metal part in the centre to add weight

  • Slightly lighter than Magnecores, which limits its usefulness, even for Attack Types where the small difference between it and other cores in terms of weight means it generally fails to find a niche, or at least fails to stand out as significantly better in most cases.

  • This does not mean it is outclassed for all setups, however, odds are it provides the right mix of recoil control and speed for some setups, it is just that the difference it would be best by would inevitably be quite small.

  • Does still work well for Attack Types in general, despite usually being outperformed by other options the difference is quite minimal.

Blade Base: Magne Flat Base

Weight: 4.7g

    • Has a removable tip and can house a range of Shafts and Tips, though the only useful ones are Customize Grip Base Tip and SG Grip Change Base Tip (using SG (Bearing Version 2)'s Casings), with SG Grip Base Tip also being a viable option.

    • Kind of like a lighter Customize Grip Base, but with no SP support- instead it has four wings which add some smash attack in Left but mostly cause recoil issues (significantly so in Right Spin).

    • Only useful for Attack types due to this - while it can fit various Defensive and Survival shafts it has poor LAD and recoil issues making it a poor choice for these.

    • There are better choices for SG Grip Change Base's Tip in SG (Bearing Version 2)'s Casings - Defense Grip Base 2, Customize Bearing Base and, on fresh tips, Customize Grip Base, but Magne Flat Base is still a competitive choice.

    • Main use where it isn't outclassed is using Customize Grip Base Tip with Dranzer V's unique Magnecore, allowing the use of the tip at lower heights (see Dranzer V for more information). With other SG's it is generally just a poorer version of Customize Grip Base.

    • A Right-Spin mirror exists in SG Grip Base.

    • Nonetheless, it remains a competitive part as most of the downsides aren't important for attack-oriented Beyblades.

Weight: 1.9g

    • Plastic tip - not clear rubber as some have said. This goes for both brands, too, not just Hasbro.

    • Contains a South Magnet.

    • Flat tip with same diameter as SG Flat Base, and pretty much the same properties, okay speed but poor recoil control and average movement control, and the edges of the wider part interact badly with the Tornado Ridge, and cause issues when the Beyblade tilts.

    • Not a useful part, the worst of the three-tip family of Customize Grip Base Tip, SG Grip Base Tip and itself.


  • Being a relatively cheap source of useful Neo Left casings gives Dragoon V a point, and the WD and BB both have their uses. However, Dragoon V2 is a much better Beyblade and is required to use Dragoon V's BB to its full potential, and also comes with Neo Left casings. Dragoon V isn't a bad buy but is definitely not a must-have.