Metal Change Base

Blade Base: Metal Change Base

Weight: 5.1g

  • Metal Change tip allows for different movement depending on launch, and a mix of attack and survival qualities, as well as providing decent Defense as it is able to catch the Tornado Ridge quite easily compared to most tip shapes.

  • The most aggressive of the Metal Change tips in Plastics, and as such requires some practice to control into a flower pattern or more limited movement.

  • This causes some complaints about it being too aggressive – practice will remedy this, though there is a chance the tip could be worn.

  • Wears fast for a metal tip due to the small size of the point. Never use it outside of a stadium, ever.

  • Excellent Compact Blade Base, with great stamina, surprisingly good LAD and the ability to make use of all aspects of Compact Customization.

  • The defensive ability of the Change tip shape is very underrated. MFB's CS tip takes this to greater levels with a rubber outer section, but the tip catches the ridge well, helping it survive strong hits.

  • In addition to being the premier Compact Blade Base, the low height, aggression, and decent survival make it a viable choice for Traditional Upper Attack combinations, which appreciate the increased survival over a rubber tip.

Notable Mold Differences:

  • Sonokong's Driger S, aside from the usual compatibility issues, comes with a tip that is rounded instead of being a Metal Change tip. This results in poorer performance in all aspects, with no improvement to attack and significantly poorer stability. As such, this version of the tip is best avoided.

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