Jumping Base

Blade Base: Jumping Base

Weight: 9.8g plus Flat Tip (0.23g), Ball Tip (0.22g) or Sharp Tip (0.18g)

  • Main gimmick is a large spring that lets it bounce around

  • Second gimmick is three interchangeable tips – sharp, ball and flat, which come with both versions.

  • Right Spin Only

  • Very gimmicky, but a pretty fun part

  • Very unstable, poor Defense.

  • Ball tip is arguably the best option due to coping better with the off-kilter stability throughout the battle, especially as the Sharp tip only increases this issue and the Flat tip has poorer stamina while doing little more of use.

  • Closest thing to a useful combination with it is one designed to jump away at the end of the match (or cause a violent upper attack-based collision while scraping), however even this is at best a luck-based strategy, and even for a luck based strategy it is still not that great.

  • While the tips fit on Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft's tip part part, the reverse isn't true - it could perhaps be forced on but this risks damaging the tip cap (likely in a manner which could cause it to become prone to falling off), so this is not recommended, and of course, there is currently no ruling on the legality of this. The former is interesting for looking at how different tip shapes perform on bearing-supported shafts, however, and has some interesting results with the Ball tip being quite competitive with Customize Grip Base (being a slightly more predictable if a little less stable version of the original ) and the Flat tip being okay if outclassed for Spin Stealing Attack.

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