Turtle Survivor

Attack Ring: Turtle Survivor

Weight: 3.7g

  • Four-winged AR with large protrusions on two of the wing tips but overall small diameter in line with Wide Survivor.

  • Rather fragile, particularly in Right Spin, as the rear of those two wings tends to snap off.

Right Spin:

  • Good Smash Attack in right spin, though rather recoil-prone as the contact points are a little too outward angled for the most part.

  • A little too aggressive for Survival in this direction, but can be used in a pinch as a poor man's Wing Cross.

Left Spin:

  • Decent survival in Left Spin due to relatively low recoil of leading edges, however the wing tip protrusions create recoil meaning it is not a top tier choice.

  • Basically, a decent AR, but outclassed and fragile.

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