Grip Base

Blade Base: Grip Base

Weight: 6.9g

    • Right Spin only

    • Very fast – incredibly fast while tornado stalling (though this burns through stamina at an insane rate and is generally useless given its light weight)

    • Not that hard to flower pattern.

    • Short height means it struggles against Circle Survivor Defense but can be more effective against Compact combinations than taller offensive Blade Bases.

    • As it wears it does become less aggressive but generally maintains this well.

    • Decent recoil control, though its light weight does limit it here.

    • Stamina is better than Defense Grip Base (Tip Inverted) and SG Grip Change Base Tip, but not as good as Customize Grip Base Tip.

    • Can outspin Defense Grip Base (Normal Mode) sometimes, but not consistently.

    • One of the better Attack-type Blade Bases thanks to speed and grip, though recoil control could be a little better.

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