SG (Spring Version)

One Weird Trick To Lose ANY Match. Doctors Hate Him.

Spin Gear Core: SG (Spring Version)

Weight: 3.3g

  • Spring-loaded tip, sharp but decently wide - on a lower base or without the jumping gimmick the tip might be okay.

  • Very tall, even when not extended.

  • Extremely tall and very unstable when extended.

  • Only designed to work with Jumping Base (Trygle)

  • Does fit in Jumping Base 2, which locks it in the retracted position. This results in marginally better performance than with its own Base.

  • Some versions have a removable tip. These versions allow the shaft section to be removed from the part and optionally replaced with those of SG (MG Spring Version), which makes for a slightly shorter option for use with Jumping Base 2 combos, allowing better stability.

  • Spring strength appears to vary across SG (MG Spring Version) and SG (Spring Version) examples. SG (MG Spring Version) generally comes with a stronger spring, though this is offset by the longer casing reducing tension somewhat.

  • Lower tension springs reduce the bounce strength, which helps avoid self-KOs on bounce sometimes.

Beyblades including this part


Height Comparison with SG (MG Spring Version)

Spring Varieties