Capricorn Strike G

  • Hasbro equivalent of Uriel 2, released during G-Revolution, a gold Flame Pegasus with Neo Cross Horn instead of Wing Upper.

  • Uses a softer plastic than Uriel 2, making its Attack Ring a viable competitive part - devastatingly for the entire generation and its players however, it did not inherit SG Grip Change Base.

Picture provided by Yblader1

Attack Ring: Neo Cross Horn

Note: The Takara version of this part suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome, making the plastic extremely fragile, worsening with time. As such, this version of the part should not be used competitively as it is unlikely to survive more than a few matches. Hasbro's release from Capricorn Strike G release is sufficiently durable, despite its softer plastic, to be used competitively.

Weight: 5.7g

    • Hits very hard in both Left- and Right Spin due to thick, angular contact points, comprising the back of the horns in Right and their up-tick protrusion in Left.

    • Relatively heavy recoil in either direction, but not so much as to be overwhelming given its significant power.

    • Powerful enough to be a competitive Hyper-Aggressive Smash Attack Ring in both Left and Right Spin.

    • However, for the Takara version, due to its extreme fragility it will struggle to make it through a match, let alone a tournament, making it perhaps the first part that can be considered non-competitive due to fragility, albeit only because there are other alternatives which work at least as well if not better (eg Mountain Hammer in Right Spin and Hayate Attack Ring in Left Spin). The Hasbro version may fare slightly better but is still apparently somewhat fragile and as such should not be relied upon.

    • The Hasbro version is made of a softer plastic which wears faster but is not breakage prone, and as such is a competitive Smash Attack part in both Left- and Right Spin.

Weight Disk: N/A

    • Gyro Engine Gear and Engine Stopper Base do not fit a Weight Disk. The metal disk of Gyro Engine Gear provides the bulk of the Beyblade's weight instead.

Spin Gear: Gyro Engine Gear

Weight: 21.2g (including 2x stock plastic bearings weighing 0.04g each)

    • Must be used with Engine Stopper Base which doesn't support a WD, meaning the fact it is technically the heaviest Spin Gear is mere trivia.

    • Main EG gimmick is a bearing-mounted gyro section (one interchangeable bearing and one plastic bearing) which can be launched by pushing a ripcord through the base on either side for left and right spin. The Beyblade can then be placed or launched normally while this spins. Consult your rulebook or tournament organizer for legality specifics.

    • Other gimmick is a switch that holds the gyro part in place, allowing the Beyblade to be launched as usual, which is the only legal way to use this.

    • Most useful tips are probably CEW Metal Change, CEW Metal Sharp and CEW Metal Ball.

    • There is no real competitive use for this part, however it is a lot of fun, especially if you are able to replace both bearings with Shielded Ball Bearings (the legality of this is unclear),

Weight: 5.5g

    • Must be used with Gyro Engine Gear.

    • Despite its name, the actual Engine Stop gimmick is part of Gyro Engine Gear, Engine Stopper Base is simply a plastic shell which houses Gyro Engine Gear to prevent damage etc.

    • Has two sloped protrusions though these don't really do anything.

Customize Engine Weight: Metal Sharp

Weight: 3.3g

    • Flat surface with a small metal point in the centre.

    • Tip has some precession, however for survival use it is outclassed by Light Sharp, which has excellent precession and allows for actual Zombie customizations (albeit right-spin only) with its own EG.

    • Largely outclassed, though notable for being a relatively good choice for Gyro Engine Gear due to very low friction.


  • While it is small compensation for the fact Hasbro released another version of a gimmick Beyblade instead of the highly competitive Uriel 2 (after a long delay in the release to the point it was mentioned in their Q&A section, no less), the possibility the Hasbro release of Neo Cross Horn Attack Ring might be slightly less fragile and therefore usable provides some small chance that Capricorn Strike G might be worth purchasing. Still, it really is mostly for collection due to rarity and the risk of fragility.