Flame Wing

Attack Ring: Flame Wing

Weight: 3.8g

  • Relatively edge-focused weight distribution

  • Relatively compact (slightly wider than Wide Survivor) with rounded edges.

  • Wing tips are extremely fragile in Right Spin and somewhat fragile in Left Spin - second hand Dranzer F's have broken ARs more often than not. This AR should not be used in Right Spin, and even in Left Spin, using Flame Wing without Wide Survivor/Wide Defense (the size of which help protect the AR from hard hits) is strongly discouraged.

Right Spin:

  • Decent Upper Attack in this direction, however the lack of an overhang or any other means by which to reach lower under opponents means Upper Dragoon and other competitive Upper Attack ARs are more effective.

  • Wing tips create a moderate amount of Smash Attack as well as moderate recoil, limiting Flame Wing's usefulness for Spin Stealing and combined with the availability of numerous better (not to mention less fragile) alternatives, this relegates it to Tier 2 for Zombie Customisations and a poor choice defensively.

  • These properties, combined with its relatively compact size means that were it not so fragile, Flame Wing would be a solid choice for Compact Customisations, given the compact weight distribution works well with its Upper Attack to produce strong destabilisation. However, it has more recoil than alternatives such as Tiger Defenser, so even were it not so fragile it would still be an acceptable but not exceptional choice.

  • The round, compact shape, good weight distribution and Upper Attack ability allow Flame Wing to be used for Spin Stealing Attack, though unlike Upper Dragoon and other choices, it produces heavy Destabilisation more so than actual Upper Attack. In exchange, Flame Wing offers moderate Smash Attack and more importantly, better Spin-Stealing and, as it stays out of the way, better LAD. However, it has poorer offensive ability than alternatives, meaning it struggles more in match-ups versus survival combinations, relegating it to a second-tier choice, especially as Right Spin SSA is of very limited relevance, and the part still has to worry about fragility issues even with Wide Defense.

Left Spin:

  • Relatively low recoil, with the leading edges being rounded off, the bumps on the tips do create some recoil however, and the leading edge of the wings has somewhat bad recoil in the event the AR is tilted enough for it to make contact.

  • Overall however, it is a viable choice for Left Spin Zombies and Defensive Zombies, though at the lower end of top tier.

  • Viable choice for compacts in this spin direction, though it lacks the aggressive properties that make it such an effective choice in Right Spin, instead being very defensive, which also makes it very suitable for Weight Based Defense.

  • However, fragility is still a big concern.

Beyblades including this part