Wing Survivor

Attack Ring: Wing Survivor

Weight: 4.7g

Right Spin:

  • Very high recoil due to poorly angled contact points

  • Some Smash Attack ability, but not enough to be worthwhile, again due to poor focusing of hits from the poorly angled contact points which mean most of the energy is wasted in recoil.

  • Has slopes for Upper Attack and Force Smash, but only the latter is particularly effective, and even then the recoil means Smash Turtle is a better choice. That is still Wing Survivor's best use, however.

Left Spin:

  • Usable for Smash Attack, with some recoil concerns due to the contact point shape and somewhat limited power.

  • Compared to Right Spin, less recoil but less power.

  • Not competitive in this spin direction.

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