Whale Attacker

Attack Ring: Whale Attacker

Weight: 4.3g

Right Spin:

    • Highly aggressive, with massive recoil and fairly strong smash.

    • Unfortunately due to the connection angles the AR is rather fragile, especially as it tends to be UV Damaged very quickly in its default colour (and just generally super fragile in Navy).

    • Power isn't sufficient to justify the recoil, however given the fact Whale Attacker comes with Defense Grip Base, if you are sure your opponent won't be using something that has good grip, you can quite safely use it as an offensive choice.

    • Overall, outclassed and risky but not useless.

Left Spin:

    • Rounded contact points with mediocre range and relatively average Smash Attack, and spikes on the side that are rather recoil prone make for a fairly average Smash Attack AR with no other real uses due to the recoil.

    • Slopes provide good Upper Attack - exceptional if on a low Blade Base, specifically Storm Grip Base (Tip Inverted), making for one of the most compelling Left-Spin Traditional Upper Attack ARs.

    • Overall a great part, though one should still be somewhat wary of fragility.

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