Rapid Eagle G

Attack Ring: Penta Wing

Weight: 5.1g

  • Five-sided AR with relatively aggressive design, slopes facing each direction.

  • Notable for being the only AR that lines up with Star Attack in any reasonable way.

Right Spin:

    • Lack of range, obstruction and inward angle of contact points results in unimpressive Smash Attack

    • Too much recoil for Defensive or Stamina use

    • Penta Wing's Upper Attack in this direction is largely limited to destabilization, thus not worth using.

Left Spin:

    • Solid Upper Attack in this direction due to the reasonably long slopes on each wing.

    • Moderate but not excessive recoil.

    • These attributes make Penta Wing a viable, if very offense-focussed Attack Ring for Spin-Stealing Attack. Its recoil does cause it to lose match-ups, particularly same-spin, where Upper Dragoon might win by outspin, but the increased offensive ability makes it reliable in other match ups.

    • Slopes make it effective as a Left Spin Traditional Upper Attack AR, and it is a very compelling choice for this - which also makes Star Attack a viable competitive part just for this reason.

    • Overall while there are many alternatives, Penta Wing is quite unique and effective.

Weight Disk: Ten Balance

Weight: 15.0g

  • Decent weight, with a compact yet edge-focussed distribution which makes for good all-around performance.

  • Thanks to the additional weight, the weight distribution provides a good mix of RPM maintenance/grinding and overall survival ability.

  • Generally outclassed by Wide Defense unless a more compact weight distribution is required. This is most noticeable in Compacts and Semi-Flat Base Stamina, where the compact weight distribution helps their stability and grinding ability while providing a little extra survival over mode compact options. However for compacts, the greater weight of Ten Heavy is generally preferred.

  • Overall a good part.

  • SonoKong G-Blade Mold (as opposed to their earlier mold) is generally very similar to the regular mold, meaning it can be used interchangeably.

Weight: 6.7g

    • A regular right-spin Engine Gear that uses Customize Engine Weights

    • The engine gear gimmick does very little of use - if it activates early it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self-KO's, if it activates late it causes major instability in most cases, and in the case of Attack Types where it can cause a late game burst of movement (albeit usually an ineffectual one), it lacks a suitable tip to work with.

    • You're usually better off not winding the SG, rendering it an excessively tall combo, prone to attacks from lower attackers and struggling to hit anything without using an overhanging AR such as Triple Tiger.

    • Sadly, the only rubber tipped CEW, Metal Grip, is quite slow without the speed of Left Engine Gear (Turbo), and the only Engine Gear tip that was actually decent for Attack, Right Engine Gear (Metal Flat), was never made into a CEW, rendering any offensive usage moot.

Weight: 7.9g

    • Bulky, with poor LAD and no worthwhile spin gears to be used with.

    • More edge-focussed weight distribution than other Final Clutch Bases gives it some notability, but the LAD being relatively poor makes this significantly less useful.

    • Nonetheless, it does remain the heaviest Final Clutch Blade Base on average.

    • Final Clutch causes late-game instability which damages survival, activating too late to be useful for Attack types having already lost rpm and causing destabilisation in defense and stamina types.

    • Final Clutch does occasionally cause a late battle offensive push with flat tips, but generally the Beyblade is too low on rotational energy at this point to do anything of note, and with ARs that might help this such as Square Edge not being effective on such tall setups, this is generally ineffectual.

    • Nonetheless, this does make them more effective than First Clutch Bases, and Final Clutch Base (Dranzer G Version) is one of the better choices for this for its weight distribution. However, Normal Bases tend to be better simply for being less bulky, even though they generally don't make use of the Engine Gear mechanic.

    • Despite the weight, it is not useful with Circle Survivor as its details scrape slightly and its edges have recoil when hit, making the combination much more vulnerable to being thrown off balance and outspun by opponents using Customize Grip Base for example.

    • Largely useless, and the first Dranzer Blade Base aside from the questionably included Frostic Dranzer not to feature a gimmick (aside from those inherent to the Engine Gear System - and it only includes a generic engine gear in its original release as well).

Customize Engine Weight: Metal Semi-Flat

Weight: 3.6g

    • Slightly more of a Semi-Flat tip than the Engine Gear tip it is based on, as it actually has bevelled edges

    • Too aggressive for survival customs and not able to take hits well enough for defensive ones.

    • The fact Engine Gears are so tall, combined with the poor grip and limited speed and aggression of the tip limits usefulness for Attack type customisations.

    • Overall, not a useful part.


  • While it has a unique and rather effective Attack Ring in Penta Wing, Rapid Eagle G fails to make much impact for how rare and expensive it is. As such, while it is a nice addition to ones collection, it is by no means a must-have.

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