Bound Attacker

Attack Ring: Bound Attack Ring

Weight: 3.4g (Core Part: 2.0g | Sub Part: 1.4g)

    • Same Core Part as Bound Defense Ring, different Secondary Part.

    • Right spin only

    • Removable SAR Part – made of slightly softer plastic, like Bound Defense Ring

    • Fragile – both Core and Sub AR parts suffer from breakage due to thin joints and aggressive design.

    • Has very little offensive power, being small and poorly angled, while also having too much recoil for Defensive use.

    • 12 possible unique positions between rotating the Sub-Part and flipping it. None are any less awful than the rest, though theoretically the "normal" position is probably best.

    • No competitive use

Weight Disk: Balance

Weight: 14.1g

  • Light weight and unremarkable weight distribution.

  • Large points and wider shape lead to recoil concerns if it is hit, primarily relevant against lower opponents.

  • Heavily outclassed by later Weight Disks.

  • No competitive use.

Blade Base: Flat Base

Weight: 6.5g

    • Right Spin Only (Built in Spin Gear)

    • Very low height allows it to get under things but lack of compatibility with an Heavy Metal Core removes any use for Traditional Upper Attack.

    • Limited recoil control due to light weight and poor grip.

    • Somewhat difficult to flower pattern.

    • Decent LAD means it can be used to some effect similarly to a Semi-Flat Base Stamina setup, though due to its aggression it makes better use of Wide Defense - a viable setup would be this and a Compact or smaller-sized Defensive AR.

    • While this is not that competitive a setup, it is able to outspin a surprising number of opponents and KO weaker combos, thus giving Flat Base some semblance of use.

    • Overall not a great part, but usable.


  • A collection-only Beyblade, though the Core AR could be used as a replacement if Bound Defenser's is lost or broken.

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