Metal Change

Customize Engine Weight: Metal Change

Weight: 3.6g

    • A fairly aggressive Metal Change tip, due to a fairly subtle point, shape wise quite a well executed implementation.

    • Solid performance all around make it a good go-to tip for experimenting with the more gimmicky Engine/Customize Gears.

    • However, these strengths are negated by the issues with the EG System as a whole.

    • Fairly solid stamina for a Customize Engine Weight, though this is useless due to the inherently poor LAD and bulky design of Engine Gear Bases.

    • Generally Metal Semi Flat as well as Right EG (Metal Flat) are more useful offensively, though Metal Change is still usable.

    • Within the EG System, outclassed by Right EG (Metal Flat), and even Left Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat)/Right EG (Metal Semi Flat) and the Metal Semi-Flat CEW offensively, with additional stamina being pointless on such setups.

    • For defensive use, outclassed entirely by Circle Survivor (which has a similar but slightly sharper tip shape albeit in plastic thus more prone to wear), which is heavier and protects against low hits rather than leaving the Beyblade severely exposed to them.

    • Overall interesting and one of the better CEW's, but not a useful part competitively.

Beyblades including this part