Reverse Dragon

Attack Ring: Reverse Dragon

Weight: 3.5g (Takara) | 4.0g (Hasbro)

  • Left Spin Smash AR

  • High rotational recoil as contact points are slightly too outward angled, meaning it requires very good recoil control to be effective - primarily Defense Grip Base or SG Grip Change Base Tip.

  • Once the recoil is controlled, Reverse Dragon is surprisingly powerful, however it suffers from its limited range, leaving it short of being truly competitive.

  • It is important to note that it does suffer from breakage issues due to the lack of reinforcements to the main contact points.

  • Nonetheless, it is a viable choice in Left Spin with the right parts.

  • In Right it has little power and still suffers from recoil, meaning it has little use in this direction.

Notable Mold Differences:

  • The Hasbro version of this part is significantly thicker than the Takara version to reduce breakage (though it still breaks somewhat often), adding some weight but having fairly minimal performance impact.

  • There is a second, even more reinforced mold from Hasbro used in the 2005 BBA Championship release which fills in most of the area behind the spikes with a thin layer of plastic and adds a small spike in the area sprouting from the central ring of the AR for further reinforcement. While this largely negates breakage issues, the overall performance impact is likely minimal.

Beyblades including this part


Comparison of mold thickness - Hasbro Mold on top, Takara Mold on bottom.