Welcome to PlasticsDB, a repository of my knowledge of Plastic Generation Beyblades, or Bakuten Shoot Beyblade.

PlasticsDB is still a work in progress at this stage, Parts and Beyblade entries are done, but there is more to come - including combo suggestions and articles on launchers, so stay tuned - or sign up for updates below!

This is not primarily a personal site, just a database. If for whatever reason you want to read me rambling about plastics, my blog th!nkBlargh and the WBO Plastics and HMS Customizations subforum and its pinned topics are generally the places to go, and I often post random thoughts in the WBO Discord. If you have questions about Plastics that are not answered by this site, the Plastics Q&A thread on the WBO is the place to go - myself and other knowledgeable members check it regularly. If you need to get in touch, PM me on the WBO or hit me up on the Discord - plus the Plastics and HMS channel there is usually relatively active. Lastly, also check out International First Generation Beybladers Community on Facebook, for a positive, friendly Plastics and HMS community with a lot of very helpful collectors, sticker makers, and players. 

This information is correct to the best of my knowledge, and I checked it all carefully as I wrote it. Whether one top-tier part is better than another is often a matter of opinion as well as the metagame it is being used in, as such there is no reasonable way to cover every possibility or, past a certain point, to say one combination of a type is better than another. Please keep this in mind when reading.

Thanks for checking out PlasticsDB, I hope you find it useful!
<3 - th!nk

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Thanks and Appreciation

This site would not exist, nor be possible without the contribution of others. Be it in inspiration, information, additional testing, photos, or just being there to talk to, I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart. Here are a few notable contributors, and some thanks.

Dan: Without Dan, you would not be reading this. Not only was he someone I looked up to early on in my days on the WBO, but he has been a friend the whole way through, always had my back, and it's thanks to him that this is being published at all - had he not dragged me back in, this likely would have gone to the grave with me. He also contributed numerous images, as well as helping me track down parts and information, doing testing, checking my own ideas out for me. Absolute top bloke, he is a brother to me. He also made our sister site, HMSDB, a similar resource for HMS Beyblades.

Teresa of Teresa's Toy Store: Teresa assisted me in closing off my list of missing parts as my proxy for Mercari and numerous other Japanese sites. She runs a service and I thoroughly recommend her - she has been patient, very helpful, and packs things incredibly carefully and efficiently. Dan wrote a guide to buying from Mercari with her help, which can be found here.

4d_fury: 4d_fury has provided not only a huge number of photographs, but also testing, weights, and information on things outside of my experience - such as obscure Hasbro stuff, RC info, heck knows what else. Couldn't have done it without you mate!

vintagebeyblade: AKA SheevPalpatine. For testing my craziest ideas, and being probably the only person braver than I am with actually using his tops, as well as coming up with some interesting new ideas, and providing weights and pictures. In addition, for helping proofread the site and providing pre-launch feedback. Really appreciate you man - thank you!

Shindog: Thanks for your continued support (and patience with me). You are a blessing for the community, even without the Tornado Attack Reproduction Project - it is great to have someone who cares about and fights for us

Polishxthunder: Rob helped me track down some really, really obscure stuff and came up with economical ways to get stuff to me by proxy buying other things I needed, as well as helping with photos and being a cool guy. Thanks man!

WuboAF/AngryFace: The things this guy knows and can come up with. I remember when you were new, and it's great to see that you're still around. Thanks for helping with my weird little ideas and projects - and for the bigger things you're working on - and thanks for being so damn smart.

Neo: Thanks for holding down the fort for much of my absence, very glad to have you back in the fold. Also for pictures :)

Zoroaste: Like Neo, thanks for holding down the fort, good to have you back. Also thanks for all the spring winder info herein, miserable as the winder is, I couldn't have documented the misery without you! ALSO thanks for your help with the Takara version of Jumping Base.

Broyeeto: For pointing out some interesting things and keeping me thinking. I look forward to your work in reproducing our beloved Plastics.

DeathOnion404: I am not sure where someone's head is at to discover a competitive use for Jumping Base 2, but I love it. Thank you for your contribution to competitive knowledge.

Yblader1: For providing a tonne of pictures and being someone to talk to. Thank you.

Beyfinity: For providing numerous excellent photos. His Beyblades are pristine, and his instagram is something to behold.

steffennlsieg: For providing a huge number of rare photos. Another excellent instagram.

maxxfishs: For providing a massive number of pictures for the Customize Grip and accessories. Thank you so much!

Corey Robillard: Jumped to assist me with pictures and is a genuinely great person. Thanks man!

Databeys: Helped out with the last few photos and makes some really nice stickers - genuinely nice guy too. Also see his Youtube channel here

dark.psyche94: Helped out with photos and is a chill dude. Does great stickers, and takes awesome photos on his insta.

collectionprojects.ink: Thanks for helping with photos! (Also, great insta shots!)

Daniel Castillo: For helping out with the final photos - thanks so much!

Mitul: Thank you for the encouragement and the photos. If more people had your enthusiasm the world would be a better place.

Zain: For being a brother, an incredible, wonderful human being, and helping me track down a few things back in the day. Zain helped me through some really rough times (frankly, I'm not sure I'd still be here without him), and I'm indebted to him for that (and the incident - sorry man!)

Kei: Sorry for being so critical over the years, you're a good dude and insanely dedicated. Kei has been very helpful with random knowledge and as the long-time steward of BeyWiki, back when it was a thing. His dedication to the game of Beyblade is unparalleled. Check out his site, BeyBase.

Hazel: Look, I won't say your reputation is undeserved but you're one of the most interesting people I know and have taught me a lot about a bizarre range of things. Thanks, asshole.

Kai-V: Thanks for being good to me in my younger days, and everything you gave to the WBO. It's weird without you around. Sorry for being a pain sometimes.

Bey Brad: Thanks for giving us the WBO, and for everything you've done for Beyblade. I wouldn't be here without you, even though we've somehow never actually been active at the same time.

r0ckbull: Thanks for teaching me so much about how Beyblade was back in the day - and showing me a huge number of things I didn't know about. If you ever want to blade again, hit me up.

Wombat: Thank you for being cool and chill, and being there to bounce some ideas off.

Sky_Shu: For being a great guy, and having a cute dog, and being there to bounce ideas off.

Dustypotatoes: The unsung hero of modern plastics, Dusty was where I got a significant portion of the more obscure stuff in my collection. Bless you.

Uwik: Thanks for everything, for your care within the committee and on-site, and the assistance with a few obscure things. Hope you are doing well.

Bluezee: For all the bad things people say about you, few people had the level of innate understanding of Beyblade as you, man.  You taught me a tonne of Plastics things no one else knew, and for better or worse, you were always exciting and dynamic and bought a tonne of energy and activity to the Customizations forum. Good luck with your music career, King.

Deikailo: Thanks for the info, the life lessons, and the Beyblades. I hope you are doing okay, wherever you are.

Mc Frown: For having a nasty habit of being right about most things. Also someone I looked up to on the WBO, who helped out with a few things I couldn't track down myself. Still have that Sub AR, man. I really hope you're well.

My 140 Crew: You know who you are, thanks for getting me through 5 days of my week, every week and for not thinking this is too weird.

The many other members and staff past and present who helped me with info, helped me find beys, or were just pals, whom are too many to list but just as significant as anyone on this list: thank you, and sorry I can't list you all out, but you know who you are (if you're really aching for a shout out, let me know).

And most of all - to my darling fiancée - who gets me through every day, and has put up with me focussing on this and playing with spinning tops all day, every day, instead of doing things I should be. Bless you and your patience, I love you and remember every day that I am the luckiest guy in the world.